Product Turnaround Time
Q.) What is your turnaround time?
Q.) What is the cut off time to get files in?

Product Use
Q.) Can I write on my printed product?

File Preparations
Q. How does NitroPrint handle my files?
Q. What file formats do you accept?
Q. What is the deal with fonts?
Q. How do I setup my files with Abobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand?
Q. Do I set up files for Offset Posters and Short Run Digital Posters the same?
Q. Why does NitroPrint strongly recommend bleeds?

Uploading Files
Q.Why are my uploads not finishing and what is Passive Transfer Mode anyway?
Q.How do I get my files to you?
Q.How do I order a Digital Proof?

Q.How do I pay you?
Q.What if someone else is paying for this order (3rd party payment)?

Shipping / Local Pickups
Q.How will I receive my order?

Q.How can I order something that requires a quote (e.g. product or service not available through our shopping cart)?

Sample Packs
Q.How long do sample packs take to mail?

Direct Mailing
Q.What information do I need for Direct Mailing?

Q.Do you offer discounts for Non-profits?

NitroPrint Rewards
Q.What are the requirements for getting a logo or tagline discount?

Refunds / Reprints
Q.I found a blemish on a small portion of my cards. Can I get a refund or a reprint?


What is your turnaround time?[back to List]

Turnaround is the measurement of time it will take to deliver your product after an order has been placed and printable files have been received. Our cut off time is 10am PST Tuesday-Friday. The following business day is considered the first day of turnaround if your files have been setup according to our guidelines and are suitable for printing.   If a job has revised files, is placed on hold, or is awaiting proof approval the turnaround starts from time the approval is given.

Product turnaround times are listed on their respective pages. On some occassions, a rush fee can be paid after printable files have been received in order to retain your desired turnaround time. Fees are subject to time left to complete order, size of files, and quantity.

All turnaround times listed are typical but not guaranteed. It is important to note that sometimes equipment can go offline for maintainence and repair issues. In light of this, you should plan extra time for your project whenever possible. Additional auxillary services such as folding, die-cutting, ect. will increase your turnaround time.

Please note that turnaround times do not include shipping time. We are typically able to get orders shipped the same day they are completed, but we can not guarantee that will be the case every time. Depending on your chosen shipping method, your order may ship the following day.


What is the cut off time to get files in?[back to List]
The cut off time to submit an order and printable files is 10am PST. It is important to carefully follow file setup instructions and/or use a template in order to achieve the products listed turnaround.

Our office hours are Tuesday through Friday 10am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you have received a phone call or email that your product is ready, you may pick it up between those hours. Our pick-up location is located at 5034 NE 105th Ave, Suite C, Portland, OR., 97220.

Can I write on my printed product?[back to List]
Whether you can write on the stock you've chosen for your product depends on a number of factors. Nitroprint will not be held responsible if you order a product, intend to write on it, but choose a stock/coating that does not allow for it to occur without smearing. Products coated with UV can sometimes be written on with a fast drying felt pen, but use your own discretion. Drying times vary depending on environmental conditions. Matte stock IS COATED. That means that using the product as a stamp card or writing on the product with an ink pen can smear if the wait time between contact is not long enough. Do not order Matte/UV or even gloss stock if you intend on applying ink from an ink pad and then passing the card directly to your customer. Customers have the best results ordering an uncoated stock for secondary printing, writing, or additional inking.


How does NitroPrint handle my files?[back to List]
All files go through a preflight process that includes checking the color mode, resolution, and the bleed and cut margin. Nitroprint is not responsible for graphic design issues such as corrupt fonts after they have been outlined or file setup for scoring, folding, and die cutting. We strongly recommend that you double check all files before they are submitted to our server. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY EMAIL IF YOUR FILES ARE NOT PRINTABLE AND NEED REPAIR. DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS, WE TYPICALLY DO NOT CALL.


What file formats do you accept?[back to List]
- Flattened .EPS
- Flattened, 8bit Photoshop files

We do not accept:
- Publisher files
- Unflattened Photoshop files
- Microsoft Word files
- AI files (Adobe Illustrator)
- ID files (Adobe Indesign)

PDF Files
If you send us a PDF, please make sure it stands true to the PDF/X-1a standard. DO NOT include crop marks, registration marks, or color bars. These are not needed and will ultimately have to be cropped out. Fees to crop files are listed in our Terms and Conditions. All PDF files should have a Bleed Box defined. This is important. Files set up incorrectly will increase your turnaround time.

If you do not request a digital proof, it is recommended that you send flattened proofing files for us to compare to your pdf. We will do our best to compare your proofing files to the originals but are not responsible for file issues. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure your files are print ready and free of defects.
To fully ensure your files are error free and contain the fonts you intend, we recommend rasterizing them at 600dpi and then flattening them in Photoshop. We find that this retains the crispness of vector lines and fonts.
Illustrator Files
We do not accept native (.ai) Illustrator files. If you are submitting anything exported out of Illustrator make sure that ALL fonts are converted to outlines. Also make sure that you have the document setup to the appropriate size (File/Document Setup). We would prefer that you "Save As" a PDF and make sure it is PDF/X-1a. Make sure your file opens to the ordered size plus bleed. Please read the FAQ below about setting files up in Illustrator or Freehand.

Indesign Files
We do not accept native (.id) Indesign files. If you have created your files in Indesign, please export them as a PDF. Make sure the PDF conforms to PDF/X-1a. Please do NOT include crop marks, registration marks, or color bars. Make sure your file opens to the ordered size plus bleed.

Microsoft Word and Publisher Files
We do not accept Microsoft Word or Publisher Files. Due to the nature of Microsoft Word and Publisher files we strongly recommend using a different format for commercial printing. Please do not send us jpg files exported out of Publisher.  They will print blurry and with artifacts.

If you are using one of these programs, please find a way to export your files as a PDF. Try to make sure the PDF conforms to PDF/X-1a. Please do NOT include crop marks, registration marks, or color bars. Make sure your file opens to the ordered size plus bleed.


What is the deal with fonts?[back to List]
All files must have fonts either converted to outlines or flattened appropriately. Any fonts included with file submissions will be considered useless. If you send in a file that does not have the fonts outlined or flattened you run the risk of having the wrong font included in the final product. We accept no responsibility for missing fonts in any case (see Terms and Conditions). We strongly suggest that you double check your files before submitting them


How do I setup my files with Abobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand?[back to List]
It is very important that you do not have any text or graphics outside of the black outline of the artboard. If you do, Illustrator will include that information as a part of your actual job because it rates width and height according to available mathematical data. As a result, the job will be larger than intended. For this very reason do not include crop marks as they are unnecessary and will also make your file larger. If we have to rasterize and crop your work, appropriate fees will be included in the final price of the order.

Do not use your program's artboard as a white background color. If you do so Illustrator will "think" that your job is smaller than it actually is. If your design calls for a white background, create it using an object such as a rectangle or square.

Do I set up files for Offset Posters and Short Run Digital Posters the same?[back to List]
No. Offset Posters need to be set up with a bleed and Short Run Posters do not print a full bleed. If you are submitting a 11" x 17" Offset Poster you would be correctly submitting a file set up as 11.25" x 17.25" to compensate for the bleed. If you are submitting a 11" x 17" Short Run Poster you would be correctly setting up the file as 11" x 17" understanding that approximately .125" on the edge of all sides will be left white.

Why does NitroPrint strongly recommend bleeds?[back to List]

If you submit your product without a bleed then you will receive a product that is trimmed slightly smaller than what you've paid for. The other downside is that you run the risk of receiving a product that may have a thin white line on any or all of it's sides. This is often a result of the paper shifting during the trimming process. This is avoided by setting up your product with a bleed. Submitting your files with bleeds costs nothing extra for the extra space used and helps make for good design sense.

Along with bleed, it is important make sure you have provided adequate cut margin. This provides space between the edge of the card and your text or graphics that you want to keep safe. If you are not able to set your files up with bleed, you have to at least have cut margin. We can not print files without cut margin.

For a visual guide on bleeds click here.

How do I get my files to you?[back to List]

There are a number ways to submit your files. Before explaining them; however, we would like to explain the importance of compressing your files. Compressing files not only makes them smaller, which makes them transfer faster, it also reduces the change of error when moving the data from your computer to ours. We like 7z. You can download and install the program from here (

The current most popular method with our customers is It creates a direct link from you to our shop by installing a small program on your computer. You can watch a video on the technology and download here:

You may also use personal resources such as google drive, dropbox, sendspace, onedrive, etc. Just provide us a link to your files and be descriptive as to what order they belong to.

Email is also an option for smaller files. Please don't send us anything over 25mb.

You may also deliver your files to our shop Tuesday through Friday between 10am and 6pm. Our file cut off time is 10am, so this will potentially delay your order if you need it produced fast.



How do I order a Digital Proof?[back to List]
Digital proofs are ordered by choosing digital proof as a product and placing it into your shopping cart.  Please keep in mind that ordering proofs may affect your turnaround time by one day. Digital proofing is not available for rush turnarounds. Digital proofs will not help you proof color; rather, they are generally only effective for checking graphic issues, font issues, and typographical errors.


How do I pay you?[back to List]
You may pay for your order with cash, check, money order, or credit card. Sending a check or money order through the mail will affect your turnaround time because we will have to wait until both the payment arrives and clears. To ensure quick turnaround time, online credit card processing is the best option..


What if someone else is paying for this order (3rd party payment)?[back to List]
If you need to place an order but someone else is paying for it, please contact our office at 503-235-6215. We will gather the payment information at that time.


How will I receive my order?[back to List]
If you live out of the state of Oregon or outside of the Portland area, we will ship your order using UPS, USPS, or Greyhound (Greyhound service will be subject to a $15 service charge.) Other shipping options are also available at the customer's request.

- Shipping time to Oregon and western Washington is typically one day delivery by UPS Ground.

You may also pick up your order at our pickup point located at 8028 NE Glisan
St., Suite B, Portland, OR, 97213 once you have been contacted and informed that your order is ready.

- NitroPrint will courier your order if you operate in the Portland Metro area for a fee. This charge may vary based on service level so contact us if you have any questions.

*Customer assumes all responsibility for their order once it is shipped by NitroPrint, including researching each individual shipper's policies and prices.

How can I order something that requires a quote (e.g. product or service not available through our shopping cart)?[back to List]
If you need a quote for a quantity or service not displayed on our site, please use our contact form.

* Please note that Quotes are good for only 30 days *

How long do sample packs take to mail?
Generally we try to get sample packs out in the mail within 24 hours but it may take a few days depending on various factors.

[back to List]

There's a few bits of information that one could use in regard to our Direct Mailing service:

Acceptable Sizes:
The smallest size postcard the Post Office will accept is 3.5" tall x 5" wide. The largest size accepted is 6.125" tall by 11.5" wide.

Minimum Quantity: We offer a minimum quantity for mailing at 500 units. Our minimum run for offset printing is 1000 units so we can either ship the extra postcards at the customer's expense or they can be recycled. Otherwise we can price out a digital short run for 500 pieces in special circumstances.

Direct Mail File Setup: If files for a direct mail job are not set up correctly NitroPrint can make adjustments as necessary based on a $75 / hour rate.

Do you offer discounts for Non-profits? [back to List]
Typically our pricing is set as near or approaching wholesale as possible and as such it's often not possible to offer sizeable discounts per se for Non-Profit organizations. However we would like to accommodate any request as best as possible so please contact us and if turnaround is not a driving factor we may be able to arrange an attractive discount.

What are the requirements for getting a logo or tagline discount? [back to List]
The most important step in meeting the requirements is to contact our design department for the logo or tagline graphics and having your designer place them appropriately and visibly in your files. Location does not matter provided it is not shrunk down.

I found a blemish on a small portion of my cards. Can I get a refund or a reprint?
Due to the rigors of the offset lithographic process it is natural to have a small percentage of a job to have minor blemishes due to dust and other particulates on the press blanket, plates, or other mechanical areas of the machinery. If these blemishes appear at all they are usually very slight or unnoticeable. We work hard to enact proper quality control procedures to isolate all issues although generally it is acceptable industry practice to have no more than 10% of an order with minor blemishes. We typically overrun work to accommodate for this percentage as a result. If you have blemishes on your job and it exceeds the acceptable threshold then you may return the defective prints at our expense and we will either discount your order or reprint the appropriate amount.


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July, 20, 2017
Nitroprint is moving to a new location on August 1st, 2017. Please change the address in your records to the following:, Inc., 5034 NE 105th Ave, Unit C, Portland, OR, 97220.

May, 15, 2017
We will be closed Friday, May 19 to Tuesday, May 23rd.  You may still place orders and submit files during this time.  We will be back in the shop on Wednesday, May 24th to process your orders.

We will be closed Friday, November 25.  You may still place orders and submit files during this time.  We will be back on Tuesday,  November 29th. 

We will be closed Friday, July 22.  You may still place orders and submit files during this time.  We will be back on Tuesday,  July 26th. 

We are short on staff today, so customer service via phone call will be slow.  Please use our livechat or email system for the fast response. 

We are currently going through some changes with our phone system. You can call, but we do not have a voicemail for you to leave messages if we are unable to answer. Our voicemail system will be back up in the next couple of days. We apologize for any inconvenience. In the meantime, email or our online chat (available during our business hours) is the best way to contact us. 


There was an issue with links inside of emails we were sending out.  They are now fixed.  This will make it easier for you to go straight to your account, which contains order history, file upload, referral program, and more.

Please also note that we are slowly phasing out our info@ email address.  We can handle your needs much faster and more efficiently by using a customer service system that is built right into the framework of our site.  This process helps keep all of your messages wrapped right into your account and contained within each order.


Today's launch was a success.  Thank you all for contributing feedback and to those who participated in the free business card, Facebook only promotion.  Please feel free to like our Facebook page to see future promotions.  

Welcome to our new site!

This new layout allows more ways to get to the products you love. The product pages have been updated to more easily show you their features. Our homepage now has scrollable products inside of conventiently placed category tabs.

We hope you enjoy the new site.  Please feel free to offer feedback on your experience by using our contact form.




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