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Greyhound Package Express policy change
Please note effective 2/06/09 all GPX orders now will be C.O.D. in addition to a $15 handling fee.

Here is some information related to the policy change:

1. Customers will be able to pay for the shipping charge at the GPX customer service desk. There will be a $3 surcharge that GPX collects. This is on top of the Nitroprint courier/handling fee.

2. The location supervisor may have to process the payment. It may take 20-30 minutes for the payment process. Credit or Debit will be faster than cash or checks.

3. Check the hours of operation of the terminal you will have us ship to Seattle's GPX terminal closes at 9pm for instance. After the terminal closes, you may be able to pick up your package and pay for it through Greyhound customer service. This is what most customers do; however, it is not guaranteed they will retrieve your package if they are short staffed. Using Priority shipping does not mean that it is mandatory for Greyhound customer service agents to retrieve your package.   

4. Customers may open an account through greyhound from which we can send their packages; however, the account needs to be dedicated to the Portland location. If you use the GPX service regularly we recommend this as a means to decrease the processing time of picking up packages.

Depending on your general proximity to Portland, Greyhound is a great option when you need your job the same day or same night it ships. Here are the two most common GPX services:

GPX Standard - The economical choice for non-time sensitive shipments with time estimates ranging from one to seven business days based on distance.
GPX Direct - The best choice for time-critical delivery. Schedule your shipment to arrive same-day or overnight, guaranteed. GPX Direct can deliver door-to-door, counter-to-counter, or a variation of both via scheduled line haul or dedicated courier.

The GPX Direct schedule is as follows (same day or night service is highlighted, be sure to check with Greyhound for any schedule changes or updates):

  Departing Portland Arriving at Destination
Oregon Greyhound Stations
  Salem 6:45pm 7:45pm
  Newport 8:15pm 11:35pm
  Coos Bay 7:15am 1:00pm
  Corvallis 8:15pm 10:35pm
  Bend 1:30am 10:05am
  Medford 6:45pm 1:20am
  Roseburg 6:45pm 10:45pm
  Eugene 6:45pm 9:15pm
  The Dalles 12:25am 2:05am
  Hood River 12:25am 1:35am
Washington Greyhound Stations
  Seattle 5:00pm 9:30pm
  Tacoma 5:00pm 8:35pm
  Spokane 9:40am 4:35pm
California Greyhound Stations
  Sacramento 6:45pm 7:40am
  San Francisco 6:45pm 11:30am
  Redding 6:45pm 4:30am
  Boise 12:25am 10:55am

In most cases you can select GPX Standard instead of GPX Direct and it will still make the next bus out; however, it must be noted this is not guaranteed. You should contact Greyhound for any questions and schedule updates.

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July, 20, 2017
Nitroprint is moving to a new location on August 1st, 2017. Please change the address in your records to the following:, Inc., 5034 NE 105th Ave, Unit C, Portland, OR, 97220.

May, 15, 2017
We will be closed Friday, May 19 to Tuesday, May 23rd.  You may still place orders and submit files during this time.  We will be back in the shop on Wednesday, May 24th to process your orders.

We will be closed Friday, November 25.  You may still place orders and submit files during this time.  We will be back on Tuesday,  November 29th. 

We will be closed Friday, July 22.  You may still place orders and submit files during this time.  We will be back on Tuesday,  July 26th. 

We are short on staff today, so customer service via phone call will be slow.  Please use our livechat or email system for the fast response. 

We are currently going through some changes with our phone system. You can call, but we do not have a voicemail for you to leave messages if we are unable to answer. Our voicemail system will be back up in the next couple of days. We apologize for any inconvenience. In the meantime, email or our online chat (available during our business hours) is the best way to contact us. 


There was an issue with links inside of emails we were sending out.  They are now fixed.  This will make it easier for you to go straight to your account, which contains order history, file upload, referral program, and more.

Please also note that we are slowly phasing out our info@ email address.  We can handle your needs much faster and more efficiently by using a customer service system that is built right into the framework of our site.  This process helps keep all of your messages wrapped right into your account and contained within each order.


Today's launch was a success.  Thank you all for contributing feedback and to those who participated in the free business card, Facebook only promotion.  Please feel free to like our Facebook page to see future promotions.  

Welcome to our new site!

This new layout allows more ways to get to the products you love. The product pages have been updated to more easily show you their features. Our homepage now has scrollable products inside of conventiently placed category tabs.

We hope you enjoy the new site.  Please feel free to offer feedback on your experience by using our contact form.




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